6 Gym-Bag Beauty Essentials That’ll Have You Looking Lit On-The-Go

Gym essentials
Gym essentials

Okay, we’re guilty. We’re not regulars at CultFit or spend a meditation session to concentrate on breathing at sunrise. Heck, most times we even forsake our dawn-date with the Yoga instructor for a late-night of drinks for our BFFs.

But for the most part, we do eat healthy, (try to) avoid junk, drink plenty of water and exercise – well sparsely. So, on the days that we do make an effort to lose the calories, we need all the help we can get to go from zero to drop-dead gorge in a matter of minutes.

Here are our gym-bag beauty must-haves that we always rely on to transform us from rags-to-riches.

Multitasking BB Cream – Dragging ourselves to HIIT at 7 am is a major feat. Couple that with the added stress of adulting: prepping a healthy meal (eating out defeats the purpose of the workout, no?), taking our fave-person a.k.a. pet for a walk and even packing for the day ahead – laptop, charger, ironed outfit et al is hectic, to say the least. Ticking these checklists leave us with zero time for makeup, right. That’s where this multitasking BB Cream comes to play. With the texture of a liquid foundation and coverage of a concealer, it’s our one-stop-trick to look ‘fabulous’ in seconds.

Bonus points since we chose a formula with SPF and hydrating capability like Klairs Illuminating supple Blemish Cream.Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, Korean Beauty Product, 40 ml, No Grey Cast, No Dry Patch, Not cakey, blends well, SPF 40PA++, sebum control,sunscreen

Refreshing Face Mist – And if you thought getting ready for the gym was a pain, don’t even get us started on the post-workout rituals we’ve got lined up. Swapping from sweaty sports bras and figure-hugging yoga pants into athleisure wear or worse still, office attire, in the locker room after a quick shower really takes its toll. Hell, how many times have you forgotten soap! As clumsy as it sounds, it’s the truth, which is why we always stock up on face mists. Sweet-smelling facial sprays are the quickest pick-me-ups during intense sessions and even double up as deodorants or antiperspirants right after. I mean, why pack separate scents when you can have one versatile face mist that does it all?

Odor doesn’t stand a chance against our fave – Vely Vely o2 Water Glow Facial Mist full of pure, natural ingredients.

Waterproof Mascara – If you ask 1 in 3 women what their gym-bag beauty must-haves are, you’ll always hear one recurring makeup product: waterproof mascara. It’s true this beauty basic features in almost everyone’s vanity kit for a reason (read: sweatproof). Just one swipe with the fluffy brush and it instantly opens up your eyes. Everyone wants to look fresh and doe-eyed at Pilates. But what everyone won’t tell you is that it serves a few other purposes too. For one, you know those flyaways that always seem to have a mind of their own, especially at dawn, it’s easier than ever to tame them with a brush of the wand. Similarly, your fuzzy brows, that never seem to stay in place, use this multifunctional tool to hold them in shape way longer than your 2-minute plank.

Colorful Cushion Lip Pen – Leave it to the Koreans to innovate in the beauty industry and they’ll surprise you with tools that’ll blow your mind. So, it doesn’t surprise us when they’ve come up with the most ingenious liquid lipstick that WON’T leak. Yes, you read that right, you’ll never have to worry about a lipstick smudge at the bottom of your makeup kit, ever again! Enter, L.O.C.K. It Cushion Lip Pen that boasts of the stain of lipstick but with a cushioned applicator as a tip so you can control how much drips. Its velvety smooth texture glides on like butter and in a few seconds dries to a stunning creamy finish.

Available in 11 super-fun colors, it’s ultra-moisturizing and you can even use it as a cheek tint. *wink wink*

Easy-to-carry Dry Shampoo – While you’re busy perfecting downward-facing dog and super-flexible cat poses, concentrating on tummy-tucking lunges and strength-boosting crunches, one thing that you surely can’t control is sweat. And while all is well and good when it comes to a post-workout shower, your body will dry soon enough, we’ve realised that towel-drying out hair can take over an hour, yea. And honestly, who’s got the time to shampoo and condition our perspiring mane of glory Every.Single.Day? That’s when a trusty bottle of dry ‘poo jumps into the scene. Just a spray to the roots cleanses each strand, gets rid of excess oil from the scalp and even scents it in our favorite fragrance. Also, did we mention, we’re even saving the most essential natural resource: H2O. So thoughtful.

Versatile Wet Wipes – I don’t think there’s a single fitness freak on this planet, whatever be the type of exercise, who will say – ‘Oh I don’t use wet wipes’. The single-use sheets make their way into even in the manliest gym bags, we must say. They do it all – cleanse, combat sweat, wipe down bacteria, get rid of grime and more. Why are they so important? Well, think of it this way. Even if you rush home for a post-workout shower, you’re still gonna waste a good 20-30 minutes in commute. With sweat all over your face, there are more chances of clogged pores and then the inevitable – breakouts. Keep pimples at bay by just being a little sanitary. If you’ve got sensitive skin, look for wipes with calming, soothing ingredients. They’ll help your tomato-like face stay clean and bacteria-free.

Got a few beauty essentials your work-out bag can’t live without? Hit us up in the comments below. Or if you’re facing a boat of adult acne. Follow this acne-fighting skincare routine today!


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