Beauty Secrets Revealed: How Much Of Each Skincare Product Do You Really Need

How much product do you need

Today we’re tackling the most asked question of all time: How much cleanser/serum/moisturizer/sunscreen do I *actually* need. Some say pea-sized, the label reads coin-sized, influencers call it a dollop. Confused AF? After our dry fruit guide, yep, dry fruit guide you’ll be craving for a healthy snack while understanding how much of each skincare product is really necessary.

? Oil Cleanser – 1 Almond – If you use makeup daily, even if it’s just kajal or lipstick, you MUST use an oil cleanser to get rid of it easily. It’s been said, oil attracts oil, so it’s best to double cleanse, especially at night. Pump out an almond-sized amount to lather up your entire face.

? Water-based Cleanser – 1 Hazelnut – Follow up your oil cleanser with a water-based one to gently lift off pollution, dirt, and grime. You can skip an oil-cleanser as part of your morning skincare routine, but definitely, don’t skimp out in the PM. One raisin sized is enough to foam.

? Toner – ½ Walnut – If you’ve got large pores, don’t skip this step. Toning helps rebalance your skin’s natural pH level bringing it back to optimum. Plus, it nourishes your face, making your pores *appear* smaller. Pour a whole walnut-sized amount on to your cotton pad and wipe.

? Essence – Macadamia – Essences are watery, lightweight liquids that serve specific goals. Most often they tackle concerns like hydration or brightening. Drop two raisin sized amounts into your palms, then slap them together and pat down your entire face. Don’t forget your neck.

? Serum – 1 Cashewnut – Serums are concentrated treatments and you’ll only need a minute amount for it to do the job. Most often, a raisin sized quantity will cover your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Sometimes, you may need a little more depending on how thick or gel-like the consistency is.

? Ampoule – 2 Raisins – Ampoules are more targeted treatments that help solve skincare concerns with the help of added vitamins, active ingredients or nutrients. Most skincare enthusiasts prefer using an ampoule or a serum, rarely both. Squeeze two raisin-sized amounts and you’re good to go.

? Eye Cream – 2 Pine Nuts – The trick to using eye cream isn’t quantity but in the application. Always press a pine nut amount onto your ring finger. Then gently massage the under-eye area, close your eyes, pat over the eyelids, run the outer and inner corners, one eye at a time.

? Spot Treatment – 1 Sunflower Seed – Depending on the skincare concern you are facing, dermats will recommend using a particular cream. Whether it’s for skin brightening, anti-aging, acne-scar fading or sun spot removal, you’ll always apply a sunflower seed amount to the area.

? Moisturizer – 1 Pistachio – Ah, we’re almost at the end of our skincare routine. Enriched with vitamins, glycerin, and good-for-the-skin nutrients, moisturizers do it all – plump, nourish, hydrate and seal-in moisture. Rub a Pistachio sized amount onto your entire face, use another for your neck.

? Sunscreen – 1 Walnut – Irrespective of the weather outside, you’ve got to apply sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays. Most people say SPF makes them apply whiter than usual, but you need a whole walnut-sized amount if you want to prevent dark spots, wrinkles and worse.

That’s it, folks. But you want to know how to layer skincare correctly, check out this post – Skin Layering 101.


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