Brand Introduction: Dear, Klairs – Korean Beauty’s Most Iconic Skincare Brand


Here at Limese Connect, we’re always on the lookout for those ‘innovative’ new-brands-on-the-block that claim to do it all. Those that can zap zits (overnight), banish blemishes at the drop of a pipette but more importantly; gloss-out dry skin to attain the ultimate K-Beauty stamp of approval – a ‘chok chok’ glow.

But scouring high and low for the latest launches comes with a toll. We’re all too familiar with irritated skin, redness, and breakouts, truth be told. Cause when your job entails slathering your face with skincare that may/may not suit you, with who-knows-what-ingredients, you’d better have tried-n-tested heroes to fall back on.

That’s where the iconic Korean beauty brand Dear, Klairs comes in…

While we act like guinea pigs, risking our skin for the greater good, it’s ~always~ Dear Klairs that we truly trust to get us through any aftermath, fuss-free. Redness, who? With natural ingredients and skincare ranges that aren’t pricey AF, it’s a no-brainer why the brand gained cult status.

Cruelty-free ✔️ alcohol-free ✔️ paraben-free ✔️ artificial coloring-free ✔️ artificial fragrance-free ✔️ and even vegan✔️✔️✔️! Can you think of a better reason not to crown it queen? Ask any skincare junkie world-over her Top 5 Korean Skincare Brands and Dear, Klairs is bound to make an appearance. Plus, with eco-friendly packaging, it’s even every minimalist’s skincare dream.

But in a world where up-and-coming brands push K beauty boundaries to previously-unknown limits, what makes this brand *still* rank high on the pedestal?

Its got to be it’s motto ‘simple, yet enough’. From its inception in 2009, CEO, Ryan Soungho Park sought out to explore a more basic, less-is-more attitude while curating products. The result, few but extremely effective ingredients translate into healthier skincare products that are safe-for-all-skin-types.

While the brand’s approach is pragmatic, its effects are too powerful to ignore. With different ranges that address various concerns, Dear, Klairs provides a wholesome skincare experience. From double-cleansing to sunscreen; it’s got the perfect lineup for the entire 10-Step K Beauty routine. As far as bestsellers go, there are three skincare essentials that top the charts.

No makeup won’t budge with Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. Whatever the formula; long-lasting or melt-proof, the slick-y texture of this oil will ensure it takes everything off in a few seconds. The Klairs Supple Preparation Toner rebalances skin’s natural pH level to optimum health. It’s calming, soothing and contains Centella Asiatica as bonus. Lastly, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop lets you glow brighter than sunshine! Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this Vitamin C serum contains only 5% L-ascorbic acid making it the ideal way to introduce an acid into your skincare routine.

Are you a Dear, Klairs fan too? Tell us what your favorite products are. Or, if you want personalized skincare advice and product recommendations, book a FREE consultation with Skin Connect TODAY.


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