Forget the 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine, “Skip-care” is the Latest Trend for Glass Skin


Millennials, aka Gen Y aren’t termed the lazy-generation for nothing. We’re the ‘true’ digital natives who’ve successfully replaced using any kind of physical activity with our intellect. Proud AF. It’s true – we’ve moved from chasing cabs down the sidewalk (argh, remember the taxi whistle) to hailing them with the drop of a pin, gone from our parents finding our soulmates to us tracking them down by swiping right (credit to the opposable thumb!). Hell, we’ve got an app for Every. Single.Thing.

So when we were introduced to the lengthy, and somewhat complicated tbh, 10-Step Korean skincare routine, quite frankly we didn’t give a damn. I mean, who’s going to remember the correct order of all ten steps when we barely remember our phone passwords? Thank God for face recognition, phew. But playing on our obsession with minimalism, the Korean beauty industry tried again, and this time we’ve caught the wave! Welcome to the newest marketing trend taking over the streets by storm: skip-care.

Honestly, it’s as simple as Marie Kondo’ing our skincare routines ^^…

Skip-care literally translates to streamlining our skincare routine with specific ingredients, steps, and products that work for us – instead of spending big bucks on pricey lotions and sci-fi ingredients. Look within to understand your skin type, take a note of your skin concerns – then, fully armed with this information concoct your ‘own’ skincare routine. After all, no brand knows your skin as you do.  Trademark this line before the Koreans beat us to it, that is the question *wink wink*

To summarize, better skin with less time, money, effort and landfill waste. Genius isn’t it. The West, on the other hand, had always touted that a 3-step CTM works just as well. And maybe, just maybe, they were on to something. But in our opinion, coming from a pure, brand-agnostic perspective, instead of following a 3-step, 5-step or 10-step skincare routine, we’d suggest focusing on your own skin health to formulate your steps. In fact, we’ll help.

Always begin with a clarifying cleanser…

Depending on your skin type, choose an oil-free, water-based face wash or ultra-hydrating cleanser with moisturizing ingredients. If you wear even a hint of makeup, it’s best to double-cleanse (read: oil-cleanser). Next, use a toner that’s ALWAYS alcohol-free. Yes, you read that right. An astringent won’t work. A soothing toner will help rebalance your skin to its optimum pH level, thus reducing breakouts in the long run. The essence isn’t mandatory but if you’ve got extremely dry, dehydrated skin, don’t skimp out on an extra dose of hydration to elevate moisture levels.

Follow it up with concentrated treatments…

For specific skincare concerns – dullness, dark circles, redness, pimples, you know the gist. Serums and ampoules with activated ingredients will target particular issues and relieve them for the dewiest skin of your dreams. Now, multi-tasking heroes come to your rescue. To cut down your skincare line-up even further, choose a moisturizer infused with SPF. Kudos if you’ve found a real versatile superstar like Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Balm. Slightly tinted with aloe and SPF 40, what more could you want?

If you’re like us, always on-the-go with barely enough time to sheet mask ‘n’ chill, this personalized skincare routine is tailor-made for you. Cut down on all the frilly extras, without ‘skipping’ out on the essentials, perf!. Call it what you like; skincare diet, skincare capsule diet, skip-care, this less-is-more mantra is dermat-approved too.

Still got skip-care commitment issues? Write to us, issues et al, and we’ll recommend a personal skincare routine for FREE @ Skin Connect


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