Meet The Korean Skincare Brand That’s All About Holistic Beauty: Limese


Still figuring out the difference between essence and serum? Wondering if layering your skin *really* is worth the hype and your time, or if glass-skin *actually* is achievable, you’ve come to the right brand, PERIOD.

With a deep Indo-Korean connection, this new skincare brand on the block is all about upping the ‘fun’ quotient. Founded in 2018 by Dale Deugcheon Han Limese’s sole focus is to change the way beauty is perceived. Yep, you read that right. Forget the hassle of remembering the correct order of the 10 Step Korean beauty routine, honestly, you won’t break out if you skip a step! Instead, shift the focus to how your skin feels, and apply only the necessary layers.

Limese’s main mantra is – stop setting unrealistic expectations for your skin. Isn’t it time we accepted we can’t have Insta-worthy skin ALL the time and instead focus on having fun? Seriously confidence stems from within and that only begins with the correct mindset and a helping hand from your trusted shelfie. “At its best, beauty transcends race and color and helps that inner light shine through. It gives you the confidence to take on the contemporary world.”Dale.

Top that inspirational philosophy with a heavy dose of uber-cool, millennial branding and you’ve found yourself a clear winner. Speaking of which, did you know Limese boasts of incorporating the best of both worlds; advanced manufacturing technology from Korea and Indian-ayurvedic ingredients. Yep, healthy skin = science + tradition. Sold, already?

While the entire product line’s central goal is hydration, each specialized ampoule variant remedies specific skin concerns.

Limese Brightening Ampoule uses key ingredients niacinamide, vitagen, coconut oil extract, and hyaluronic acid to diminish dark spots and pigmentation, for a brighter, plumper face.

Limese Energizing Ampoule repairs skin, reducing all visible signs of aging and calms inflammation, with a concoction of raspberry leaf extract and adenosine.

Limese Purifying Ampoule fights off daily pollution for a full detox, replenishing with essential nutrients from seaweed and mc -glucan.

Moving on, Limese Supertasker Cream is the gold standard in moisturization. Packed with super-stellar ingredients – niacinamide, beta glucan, vitagen and adenosine, the potent four deliver instant moisturization, in a gel-like consistency that’s absorbed in a matter of seconds. Best applied in the AM and PM as part of your daily skin routine, it’s fluffy texture and the mild scent is a sure-shot winner for brightened, hydrated, soothed skin.

Completing the range is Limese Real Brightening and Glow Up Face Mask formulated with carbon fibers for a perfect face-fit. Neem, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and golden charcoal all work in tandem to cleanse and purify, while also fighting acne. Told ya beauty was anything but boring!

Whether you’re just starting out on your skincare journey or are a seasoned beauty guru if you’re looking for skincare that sparks joy, Limese has KonMari’s seal of satisfaction.



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