Acne: A Skincare Journey with @BeautyAnomaly


We know the kind of emotion acne can evoke, and wanted to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel! So here we have one of our favourite bloggers, Khadija (@beautyanomaly) share her journey and experiences dealing with acne, and the mindset that comes with it.

Khadija’s Journey With Acne

Like every other teenager, acne hit me the hardest when I was 13 years old. With red cheeks, no thanks to rosacea, and pus filled pimples, I spent my high school in the hopes that it’ll pass with time. But it didn’t.

Everyone claims that the acne will go away by itself when you’re older. Well I was 22 and still suffered with acne. Heavy, painful acne. It’s only recently that my skin has decided to stay blemish free most months. And I couldn’t be more thankful. However, it took me 3 years to get here.

acne prone skin acne prone skin

The Trials

Growing up, strangers would always find it in their best interest to advise the most effective ways to treat acne. So every time I met someone, the first thing they’d say is, “did you try this DIY or XYZ product for your acne?” And trust me, this takes a toll.

I have tried possibly everything under the sky to treat it. I cleansed and scrubbed like there was no tomorrow. Yet the only thing I achieved was sensitized skin with a broken barrier. I’ve even visited dermatologists, and slapped on product after product. But nothing worked. I’ve gone through intensive chemical peels, and although they worked brilliantly for the time being, my acne would resurface again.

acne prone skin

Realising What Worked

That is when I got myself checked. To see if there’s any underlying issue. And there it was. The mighty PCOS interfering with my skin and my health. It took me months to get it in check. I followed a quantified diet along with exercises and medication. And it worked.

In the meantime I started reading and learning more about skin care. And for me, less has always been more. A basic cleanse – treat – moisturise – sun protect made tremendous changes. Even products containing AHAs and BHAs helped me tremendously to tackle texture and active acne. I was also careful not to wreck my skin barrier. I moisturised well and always wore my SPF.


Present Day

My skin today is relatively free of acne. Ofcourse, I do get occasional bouts of it. There’s still redness and slight texture, but that is my skin. It has come a long way. And I know better now. Stress and over-working my skin did not help me. So I tend to my skin even today, but I also let it be when it’s angry.


It’s important to understand what your skin needs. If you’re someone who has acne just like I did, don’t always look for ways to treat just that. Build a strong routine, a routine that takes care of your skin barrier and at the same time works to heal your concerns. Do not over exfoliate thinking more is more. It’ll wreck havoc on your skin which will be far more difficult to tend to. When reaching out for actives, higher is not always better. Accustom your skin, give it time to do it’s magic and start slow. And after you’ve done all of this, embrace your skin and it’s journey. Accept that there will be days, even months, when your skin will be at its worst. But it gets better from there. Be patient and listen to its need. Trust me, it works. It has worked exceptionally well for me.

Hope her story and experience gives your the encouragement you need to love the skin you’re in and treat it right. If you’d like to read more about acne, check out some of our other blogs:

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