Pimple Talk: 6 Innocent Things You’re Doing That’s Making Your Acne Worse

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pimple talk thumbnail

If you want clear skin, trade beauty secrets with bae but DON’T use each other’s makeup stash. Seriously, sharing makeup only leads to acne, or worse. Here are six seemingly innocent objects that are causing your skin breakouts.

Get out a pen and take notes.

Pillow Talk – Nope, this ain’t your Zayn Malik single. This is literally your pillowcase that you’ve slept on, for how long? If you say anything more than seven nights straight, your skin is in some real trouble. Pillowcases are the perfect breeding ground for acne ‘cos #1 – you spend at least 8 hours a day on it, and #2 – there’s residue from everything else – makeup, sebum (scalp and face), sweat and icky drool. Save your skin some pimples and rinse those covers once a week.

Dirty Makeup Brushes – C’mon you know this already but how many times has your lazya$$ washed those brushes? In any case, maybe once you understand how detrimental dirty brushes are to your skin, the fright will get you to rinse them with soapy water daily. Oil, sweat, makeup residue, pollution, and grime all reside in your oh-so pretty-looking brushes. You’re then transferring all this gunk into your pores each time you use a dirty brush/beauty blender. Yucky.

Scarves/Stoles – You wouldn’t think scarves or stoles would ever feature in this list. But guess what, each time you wear a scarf or stole you’re covering your hair and/or neck (depending on how you’ve draped it) and transferring bacteria. Remember where it’s been – hanging out with dust in the closet, chillin’ with trash at the bottom of your bag or even just picking up dandruff from your hair. How often does it visit the washing machine? Think about that next time.

Extra-Fitted Clothing – Athleisure is all the rage currently, but it may also be why your bacne is spreading. Activewear, in general, tends to be extremely tight-fitted, to begin with. While you need the support, you’re also more prone to breaking out with the sweat and impurities that rub against your skin while working out. One hack to avoid spreading acne is to team a looser top with your sports bra and to opt wear breathable fabrics such as cotton to the gym. Acne, who?

Cell Phone Screens – Oops we got you again, haven’t we? Look at your screen under natural light right now to check if you can see any fingerprints or oil marks. The answer is a resounding YES, 100 % Oil from your face and dirt from your fingers, both contaminate the screen each time you use it. That in turn, touches your face again and acne spreads. To stop those pesky pimples in their tracks, wipe down your cell phone screen once a day with tissue paper. Easy.

Sharing Makeup With Bae – Yup, even if you say no to all of the above points, acne gets a hold of you with this one. How many cheeks has your blush/highlighter palette grazed in the last month? Do you even remember who all have used that trusty red lipstick bullet? As a rule, any makeup that touches your face, shouldn’t be shared – primer, foundation, palettes and especially kajals/mascara. Eye makeup is way more dangerous as it can lead to serious infections.

Got a few more things to add to our acne-trigger list? Check out this post on 6 silly makeup mistakes you’re doing that are making your acne worse.


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