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So, you want brighter, clearer skin but don’t know where to begin. Google suggests the ‘10 Step K-Beauty Routine’. But what the heck does that even mean? Glowing, dewy skin can’t take ten steps; I mean who’s got the time! To cross-check, you visit your skincare gurus aka Instagram...
Millennials, aka Gen Y aren’t termed the lazy-generation for nothing. We’re the ‘true’ digital natives who’ve successfully replaced using any kind of physical activity with our intellect. Proud AF. It’s true - we’ve moved from chasing cabs down the sidewalk (argh, remember the taxi whistle) to hailing them with...
Real talk: Have you been breaking out more than usual lately, even though your diet is on-point. Or worse, has your face lost its radiance, suddenly? Or, is acne the bane of your existence? Okay, the last question, have you ever noticed a smudge of mascara on your pillowcase...

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