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Let’s get real for a second...how confused are you when it comes to choosing ONE brand from the thousands out there? And, how the hell do you know what’s the best for you skin type? Are you utterly confounded when it comes to switching up your skincare routine based...
Yep, it’s as simple as stated. When it comes to wanting plump, supple skin that mimics a baby’s bottom, there’s only one ingredient you can truly trust: Hyaluronic Acid. But hey, don’t be alarmed; we haven’t gone bonkers (just yet *wink wink*) asking you to introduce an acid into...
If dryness is your arch nemesis, we feel ya. Between battling cracked skin, itchiness, and constant flakiness, it’s a nightmare trying to run for president, I mean getting to class *ahem ahem* When it comes to dry skin, there are quite a few ingredients you can actually count on: Hyaluronic...

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