The ‘7-Skin Toner Method’ is a Korean Beauty Trend That’s Going To Get Your Glow On


Spoiler Alert: Glass skin IS easy to achieve. All you gotta do is pat on toner seven times! Confused? Scroll lower.

The 10 Step Korean beauty routine has been making the rounds for a while now. But if we’re being totally honest, most days go by with the blink of an eye. There’s barely enough time to munch in between meetings, leave alone spending 20 whole minutes on #selfcare daily. You know the drill – face wash, toner, essence, sheet mask, treatments, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. But who’s *actually* doing it all of this?

Don’t get us wrong though, as much as we’d love to religiously follow the ten commandments, more often than not, our hectic lives don’t permit it. And with seven whole steps more than the average CTM Routine, so far we’ve been devoting a major chunk of our time to maintain that flawless face. But truth be told, our middle name is – lazy. We’re down to test anything that’s easy. You too? As soon as we heard there’s a quicker, ‘less expensive’ Korean skincare trend that’s taken to the streets, we were stoked. I mean, who’s crazy enough not to jump on the ‘7-Skin Toner Method’ that boasts of the same dewy skin WITHOUT going broke!

All you need to do is invest in one step – toner…

Start off with your go-to, gentle cleanser that buffs away grime and excess sebum. Then, pat on toner as you usually would. But this time, in sequence, so wait for a few seconds, let your skin absorb it all, and then apply the second layer. Continue this seven times et voila, you’re left with ultra-hydrated, plump skin. No need for a moisturizer after this either. Seriously, skip all the steps in the middle and fast forward directly to sunscreen. Told ya glass-skin is achievable *wink wink*

But to answer your question, does it work, well, we tried it for a month, and let’s just say there’s no turning back. First off, substituting our entire ten-step routine for only three steps – a cleanser, toner, and sunscreen – is such a blessing. Less effort, check. Less time, check. More bank balance, check. It’s a win-win situation right there. Not to mention, just a week into slapping on toner seven times made a visible difference. Buh-bye dullness, hello glow!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, does this mean I can cut back on every step…

Of course not. That’s way too drastic. There will be days when you sleep late trying not to miss deadlines, and dark circles will show, or Aunt Flo will visit and a pimple will rear its ugly head, but only spot treat those and you’ll be surprised with how much time you save.

So, if you’re the kind who’s looking to nail the whole glowing-skin craze (on a budget) give it a go. It’s so much less of an effort and totally worth it if you’re already spending big bucks to maintain your skin’s health. With zero compromises and dewy skin, as a result, the 7-Skin Method is genius! It’s no wonder that this much-faster, easier alternative has gone mainstream so quickly.

But if you’re applying toner, why’s it called 7-Skin Method you ask?

The reason is simple. In Korea, ‘skin’ refers to toners, since they’re so watery and lightweight. Which means, you must always look for alcohol-free toners that won’t irritate or cause redness. Look for soothing ingredients that’ll balance your skin’s natural pH levels without stripping it off its natural oils.

Bt the way, have you heard of skip-care yet? It’s got to be the most simple and quickest way to a clear face. Read all about Korean Beauty’s latest craze – skip-care here! 


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