The Simplest 5-Step Summer Routine for Acne-Prone Skin


Imagine this: It’s been months and you’ve finally mustered up the courage to ask out your crush. Date time is set, you’ve found the cutest candlelit restaurant, picked out the perfect low-key (yet flirty) outfit and even spent a bomb on a pricey mani. Now, all that’s left to do is – show up. With one day left to go, you’re almost tucked into bed when you glance at the mirror and Oh, the horror! There’s the bulge of a pimple peeking. What’s your course of action – will you pop the damn thing, or worse, cancel on him?

At times like this, you need to trust the pros for advice. It’s guys like us who’ll save the day or in this case, date. Get out a notebook and start jotting down ‘how to build the best routine for acne-prone skin’. These border-line genius tips will get rid of pesky pimples in five easy steps.

Step 1: Cleanse for a clear face
Hey you, pimple-prone gal, the only way to win ‘The Battle of Blackheads’ is with an army of acne-busting ingredients. Enter, your fun-foam cleanser that’s hypoallergenic and free-from sulfates: Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser. Tea tree oil goes straight to the source as it throws in the first punch to unclog pores, tackling bacteria, subsiding inflammation and preventing irritation. Next aloe leaf extract coupled with hyaluronic acid strengthens the epidermis; reducing blemishes as well as preventing the appearance of acne scars. Lastly, amino-acids, ceramides and olive oil, provide maximum hydration without that sticky feeling.

Step 2: Time to tone it up
Since your shiny face is giving the oil sheiks of Saudi a run for their money, it’s time to include non-comedogenic formulas into your skincare routine. Skip those astringent, alcohol-based toners that only aggravate redness; and instead, opt for watery, pore-clarifying, textures like A. by BOM ULTRA BOTANIC Skin Water. Infused with the botanical extracts of six super-hydrating plants, one drop is like an energy drink for your skin. Aloe, coconut, cactus, and baobab nourish cells, restoring your natural pH levels, all without harmful chemical additives. After cleansing just pat a few drops over your whole face for plump, dewy skin.

Step 3: Spot-treat with Serum
Want to clear-up breakouts once and for all? Introduce spot-treatments: your one-stop shop for all-over cystic acne and one-off challenging eruptions. Usually, dermats prescribe OTT remedies with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur but those only increase sensitivity and cause redness. So, instead of risking it the night before, why not opt for gentle but effective serums. Take for instance the Limese Purifying Ampoule that boosts skin’s immunity to zap zits with mc-glucan and sustainably harvested seaweed. Both extracts exfoliate dead skin, increase cell turnover, unclog pores and combat the ill effects of pollution. The result, far fewer breakouts, and even lesser irritation. Pat 4-6 drops just before bedtime for a smoothened complexion.

Step 4: Masking just in time
Ask anyone with crystal-clear skin what their holy grail is and the Korean sheet mask always tops the list. This quick, fifteen-minute ‘self-love’ ritual gained cult-status due to its lofty list of good-for-glowy-skin-ingredients. Touted to be an at-home facial, it’s one surefire way to beat unwelcome acne. But since you’re far too familiar with blackheads and breakouts, it’s best to stay away from oily, pore-clogging ingredients, which is why Limese’s Real Brightening & Glow up Face Mask is ideal. Taking a holistic approach by combining high-tech innovation from Seoul and ayurvedic ingredients from India, this neem-infused sheet mask with charcoal microfibres draws out impurities from the face as well as suppresses a pimple as soon as you feel it emerging.

Step 5: Moisturize for spotless skin
Last is applying moisturizer, even, Nah scratch that, especially on combination-to-oily skin. You’ve followed all four steps so religiously, this isn’t the time to skimp out on hydration. Here’s a quick science lesson so you understand what we mean. If you’ve got oily skin chances are your always over-secreting sebum. But why? It’s because you’re always washing your face dry, stripping away its natural oils. Thus, in an attempt to compensate for lost moisture, your oil glands go into overdrive, producing excess sebum and bam! You’ve just been served that midday sheen. Don’t fall prey to the myth – oily skin doesn’t need lotion, instead, give your skin a helping hand. Turn to Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream fortified with calming guaiazulene, centella asatica, and ceramide-3 that makes all the difference.

F.Y.I. Follow these five simple steps and that zit won’t know what hit it! But if you’ve got more acne-related questions, block our calendar for a FREE consultation with SKIN CONNECT!


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