These 6 Silly (But Totally Avoidable) Makeup Mistakes Are Causing Your Scary Breakouts

Make up mistakes
Make up mistakes

Ever thought your makeup pouch could cause pimples? Ridiculous right. Or worse, your inseparable twin-sis is making you break out? Hell no! But while your secrets are safe, it’s your face that’s bearing the price. Don’t understand us, scroll lower as we dish out all the beauty-related mistakes you’re making without even knowing (on a daily basis).

Acne isn’t contagious but it most definitely can get irritated. These six silly slip-ups are so easy to fix.

Sharing beauty products with boo – We get it, she’s your soul-sister. If anything, your Insta-feed is living proof. From impromptu weekend getaways to color-coordinated fashion choices, you’ll share *everything* But did you ever stop to think that this may very well be one of the reasons you’re perpetually breaking out? Yep, sharing beauty buys (even with boo – sorry) is a strict no-no. Bacterial spores are everywhere and needless to say, you exchanging makeup; including brushes and tools only transfers them to each other – making it worse. Dirty hands, lipstick tubes that swipe too many lips, mascaras that are left open too long, are all ideal situations to get infected. As a rule, STOP swapping anything that touches your face. Period.

Forgetting to remove your makeup – If we’re being totally honest, we’ve all been there: too tired (and by tired I mean tipsy *wink wink*) to get rid off makeup before going to bed. Which is why here’s a cool hack; if you know you’ll be downing gallons that evening try NOT to wear waterproof makeup. Sounds stupid, right. But no, stubborn, long-lasting makeup won’t transfer one bit, making it that much harder to get rid off at home. And when your worlds literally spinning, sleeping with a clean face is last – if at all on your list of concerns. Save yourself some pimples and opt for a BB cream that’ll cut off 3-4 steps from your beauty routine at once. Our knight in shining armor – Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream.

Going for weeks without washing brushes/tools – If you’re a millennial like the rest of us, chances are you’re lazy AF. And that means this point rings especially true. Has it been weeks or worse, months, since you last washed your makeup brushes? Whatever the answer is, unless you’re rinsing them each time you apply makeup, you’re harboring germs in your own vanity. Beauty blenders and makeup brushes act as breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria and each time you use of any your makeup-laden applicators, you’re spreading it to non-infected areas. Save yourself a few hundos on dermat-visits by simply washing your beauty brushes with regular soap-water before putting them back in your makeup pouch. Simple.

Not replacing expired products – You know this already but here’s a refresher: All beauty products have a shelf life. Mascaras typically last about 3-6 months, lipsticks up to a year, blushes/highlighters up to two years if they’re in powder-form (gel-based textures will dry out quicker) and lastly, toss out foundation in 365 days. The reason? Expired products are harmful as their formulas can cause eye irritations, skin infections or worse. Their chemical structure is altered after they pass their use-by date, plus, there’ll be a build-up of bacteria. It’s best to use a product before its expiration date. Similarly, if you notice a foul odor, change in texture, difference in color – it’s your cue to replace that eyeshadow palette or lipstick tube.

Using your bare fingers to apply foundation – Ok, quick question – would you ever, even contemplate, eating anything with your hands if they weren’t washed? It’s a no-brainer, right. The answer is always – an astounding no. Then apply the same logic to your makeup! Why are you willing to infest your face with a ton of bacteria from your dirty fingers and God-knows-what underneath those icky nails? If it’s easier to apply makeup with your fingers, okay, but always, we can’t stress this enough, wash your fingers after prepping your face with those multiple layers of skincare. But better yet, invest in a beauty sponge or foundation brush. Cos’ keyboard (that’s never disinfected) – phone (that’s touched every surface) – face, you get our drift?

Storing makeup tools unhygienically – You’re so proud of that Gram-worthy vanity table, complete with a full-sized “Hollywood” mirror, with you guessed it – mermaid-inspired makeup brushes. But how many times have you actually sat in that ‘set’ to apply makeup? For a girl-on-the-go restaurant bathroom, Uber-Pools and office restrooms are the only choice when it comes to touch-ups. And where’s that trendy holographic set of brushes being stored? Got our point…the bottom of your makeup pouch is full of germs courtesy: spilled product, makeup swatches, used tissue and more. Now, do you think it’s wise to apply makeup with those same infested tools basking in it all? Save yourself some pimples by investing in a multi-zipped vanity kit with concealed storage spaces for each specialized product.

Still feel like you’re breaking out? Check out these six mistakes you may be doing that may be making your pimples worse.


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