These July Best-Sellers Will Leave Your Skin Looking LIT

limese skin
limese skin

Let’s get real for a second…how confused are you when it comes to choosing ONE brand from the thousands out there? And, how the hell do you know what’s the best for you skin type? Are you utterly confounded when it comes to switching up your skincare routine based on the weather outside?

So many questions, but only click-bait advertisements are even bolder CTAs come to your rescue…Well, luckily for you, we’re your life-sized guinea pigs (risking our faces), on the frontline. Our aim – to find the best, so you’ll always make an informed purchase. You’re welcome.

Each month our editors scour beauty and skincare aisles, in search of stellar ingredients that make a difference. Trying and testing EVERY new launch and cutesy-gimmick that hits the market seems fun, until…someone ends up with a rash, yikes! Honestly, we’re BFF with our dermat (life-lesson #1). To keep it simple, only the few that exceed our high expectations and have visible results, make the cut.

Here are July’s selected FIVE superstar Korean products that join the ranks of cult-faves…

Mugwort aka Artemisia is making the skincare rounds as the newest K-beauty ingredient with the most effective benefits. Touted as a super-hero, (no, this isn’t a spell from Harry Potter) this skin-healing herb is known to tackle some serious issues. It’s anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial and most of all an antioxidant, rich in vitamin E. Vely Vely’s Artemisia Balance Essence formulated with 100% artemisia essence also contains beta-carotene to fight off acne and soothe irritated skin – all while improving skin’s vitality, elasticity, and strength.

Another ingredient worth mentioning is Centella Asiatica. In case you haven’t heard of it already, it should be your go-to in case of redness. Sensitive skin folk now have reason to rejoice as it has remedied that skin type the most. Make P: rem’s Safe Relief Essence, rich in Centella restores your skin’s natural barrier and replenishes it with maximum moisture. Plus, it’s light-weight and watery (courtesy glycerin) that’s known to leave your skin feeling baby-soft without the icky sticky feeling. Lastly, sage oil completes its award-winning formula.

Of course, you’ve heard of Vitamin C but how well do you *truly* understand the ingredient? This glow-boosting staple contains antioxidants which are perfect to attain the skin of your dreams. But, be warned, in daylight it causes photosensitivity – meaning you HAVE to pair Vit C with sunscreen. But if want a low-key alternative to achieve a radiant, clear face, choose something with Niacinamide or Vitamin B3. This not-so-well-known ingredient also wards off dullness and evens out your skin tone. Limese Brightening Ampoule is ideal to enhance your glow. ⠀

You can’t skip sunscreen even in sweater-weather (trust us – our dermat’s on speed dial). But what you can do without is that ghostly white cast. Say goodbye to your usual Casper-face with  Vely Vely’s Waterfall Sun Essence. Infused with sunflower and chia seed extracts, it’s milky-white texture blends into your skin, protecting it from harmful UV rays with a thin veil-like shield. Quickly absorbed, it nourishes your face while blocking out sun spots, redness and worse. A little goes a long way, meaning just a pea-sized amount is enough.

Tired of prepping your face with an entire skin routine only to apply concealer and foundation as a base? Skip the drama with a two-in-one best-seller – LOCK It Good Boundation. Available in 12 shades that adapt to every Indian skin tone perfectly you can ace makeup on-the-go with this all-in-one BB Cream! Plus, it’s extremely moisturizing, meaning, you can use without cream too. No creasing, no flakiness, no patchy areas, just a flawless canvas you can call your face. As a bonus, it’s even packed with Arbutin. What more could you possibly need?

Race to check out already…?


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