What is Double Cleansing? The Best K Beauty Routine for Clear Skin


Real talk: Have you been breaking out more than usual lately, even though your diet is on-point. Or worse, has your face lost its radiance, suddenly? Or, is acne the bane of your existence? Okay, the last question, have you ever noticed a smudge of mascara on your pillowcase even though you swore you took off all of it the night before?

Heck, do you *sometimes* go to bed with a full face of makeup. Got your attention now, haven’t we! Ok, ok, no judgies.

And you thought a face wipe a day was enough! *Ahem, clears throat*. Clearly, you’ve been cleansing ALL WRONG, all along. Enter double cleansing: the first two steps of the Korean beauty 10 step routine that’ll leave your face feeling squeaky clean and dewy-looking as hell. The good news; it’s super-duper easy. The bad news; laziness may stand in the way.

What is double cleansing?

The K Beauty routine’s first step involves using an oil cleanser to get rid of everything oil-soluble: makeup, sunscreen, and sebum. Step two is a water-based cleanser to remove dirt, grime, and daily pollution. Sounds easy enough? Double cleanse Every. Single. Day. twice over and you’ll have the clearest skin ever. Seriously, consistency is key and like anything else in life, hard work pays off. I mean just look at any Korean’s skin.

While it’s not necessary to double cleanse as part of your morning skincare routine, (you’ve slept sans makeup), it is sacrosanct as part of your nighttime skincare routine, trust! How else will you get all those transfer-proof cosmetic pigments to budge? It’s not just a fashionable fad though; the science behind double cleansing is real: oil and water don’t mix, meaning you’ll need both formulas for a clear face and to keep those acne breakouts at bay.

The oil cleanser systematically breaks down all the oily bits: unclogging sunscreen from pores, dislodging makeup, even removing sebum and sweat. Then, the water-based cleaner dissolves all the goop at one go. No more panda eyes (re: streaky kajal) caused by your 12hr long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner, obvi, and kiss that dark lipstick buh-bye in one swipe!

So who should double cleanse?

Anyone whose skin is prone to breaking out, those tired of tired-looking skin, beauty lovers (even if it’s a stroke of kajal) and everyone protecting their face with sunscreen. Basically every single person! Healthy skin starts with good skincare practices and no matter what age, what brand of face washes you choose to use or what skin type you are; double cleansing is an effective method to achieve that chok chok-ness we’ve all come to love.

Will double cleansing dry out my skin?

Actually, it’s ultra-hydrating. Have you noticed while removing red lipstick you rub your lips so hard only to realize you’re left with a Joker-esque red lip stain? Don’t even get us started on the number of eyelashes you watch go down the drain thanks to your winged eyeliner. The best makeup remover CANNOT do it all, however tall its claims are. An oil cleanser will remove all water-proof, transfer-proof, kiss-proof aka stubborn makeup (without stripping away ceramides and lipids). The water-based cleanser lifts off dirt/sweat/pollution without drying out your skin. Double cleansing will leave your face feeling more moisturized.

Won’t an oil cleanser cause more acne as I have oily/combination skin?

Oh, honey, you’ve got it all wrong – oil attracts oil. Does your face feel dry or do you see glistening oily specs seeping through your pores a few minutes after cleansing? Contrary to common belief a gentle oil cleanser will NOT make your face greasier. It’s more effective at balancing out your pH level and retaining your natural moisture level. Thus, your sebaceous glands won’t go into overdrive, overcompensating for lost moisture leading to less overall oil production. The result, you’re less likely to break out from blocked pores caused by excess oil build-up and impurities.

Which oil and water-based cleansers should I use as part of my Korean beauty 3/5/10 step routine?

Start off with Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil that’s infused with black bean, black sesame, and black currant seeds oils – free from parabens, sulfates, artificial color and works to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. Finish off with Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser enriched with HA, olive, and tea tree oils to cleanse even the most sensitive skin. And as a bonus, it’s got a super-fun, foamy texture to play around with.

But hey, if you still got queries, ask away in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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